Deanna is one of the most popular coffee bar of the city. Opened more than 60 years ago just about the main rail station of Florence, quickly became a landmark for generations of Florentines, who use to meet inside or in front of its windows. Today, Deanna has been completely renovated and re-opened in april 2016 after two years of closure. We serve the best freshly made pastry specialties in town, including Cannoli, Gelato, Sfoglie, Arancine, and many others. If you don’t know what these words mean, take a look at the gallery pictures, or  – much better – stop by our place. You’ll find two comfortable rooms with free Internet connection.

One last tip: if you ever find yourself in trouble to find a suitable place to meet in Florence with a friend, just say “Let’s meet at Deanna”. It’s unmistakable!